1088- Library Of Ruina (v1.1.0.5b1 Build 7148924 + MULTi4) – [DODI Repack]

TITLE: Library Of Ruina
GENRE: Indie, RPG, Strategy
DEVELOPER: ProjectMoon
PUBLISHER: ProjectMoon
FRANCHISE: ProjectMoon, Ruina
RELEASE DATE: 10 Aug, 2021

“May you find your book in this place.”

Become the owner of the Library and receive your guests.

Your librarians will fight for the Library.

Combat between the guests and the librarians breaks out as if it were on a stage.

Defeated guests turn into books, and the Library grows onward.

A good book will allow you to invite new guests with greater secrets.

Amass a collection of books and explore the secrets of the City.

And eventually, get your hands on…

The one singular, perfect book.

[The Story of the City and the Library]

In Library of Ruina, you will be witness to the stories of Angela, the Sephirot, and Roland following the ending of Lobotomy Corporation.
You will also watch various events occurring around the huge city in which the Library is located.

Accumulate books to grow your Library and librarians, and invite more powerful guests to gain better books.
From lowly canards to urban legends and beyond…
Throughout the game, you will gradually become familiar with the story of the City.

May you find your book in this place…

Repack Features

Based on Library.Of.Ruina-CODEX iso Release: codex-library.of.ruina.iso (3.4 GB)
Game Version: v1.1.0.5b1 Build 7148924
Language : English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese
Audio: Korean
Repack Size : 2.7 GB
Final Size : 7.5 GB
NOTHING is cut, NOTHING is recoded
Installation time :  a minute or less
Repack by DODI
Don’t install in any drive/partition main directory, you must install in subpath/subfolder ,like: C: Games/Library Of Ruina , or , D: Games/Library Of Ruina


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