*** Important Hints***

1- Disable antivirus

Why ? It blocks Installer from extracting

2-  Enough free space on where you install

3- Disable any app running 

Why ? It slows installation

4- Windows Usernames Must be only Latin

5- Re-hash the downloaded torrent

6- Set UAC to a minimum level (Never Notify)

7- Make sure you have enough Virtual Memory

8- Run the setup with Windows 7 compatibility

9- Run the setup in Safe Mode

10- Dont install in ‘ C ‘

11- Check your Windows folder (and below) for unarc.dll – if this file exists, delete it

Repacks use custom unarc.dll, NOT compatible with other unarc.dll, which you could download in hope to fix “Unarc.dll Error”. Remember, there are SEVERAL types of those errors, they mean different things. And other unarc.dll won’t help.

12- Run setup with proper rights,  as shown on this image


***Errors and Solutions***

I can’t run the setup.exe, it’s missing or nothing happens when I try to launch it!

Your Windows Defender/SmartScreen (or similar protection software, even browser) blocked it.

1. While the file is on your desktop or in one of your user folders, right click or press and hold on the file, and click/tap on Properties.

2. Under the General tab, click/tap on the Unblock button, and click/tap on OK.


NOTE: If you do not see an Unblock button, then the file has already been unblocked.

 It is not found any file specified for ISArcExtract


There are four possible reasons for that popular error. Listed by popularity:

  • Your download is broken, some files are not complete. To solve it, rehash the torrent, following instructions written far above.
  • You didn’t download all necessary files for your selection
  • You’re running the installation from a folder with a weird name
  • You have antivirus or UAC active, which prevented rebuiding of temporary archive

Visual C++ Runtime Installer

Install all C++ Redistributables. You may try this small All-In-One pack or get them separately from Microsoft site.

WINE Troubleshooting

Under WINE the full-screen background takes over the desktop completely, so that no other program (including the installer window, or even native Linux apps running side by side) can’t be used. The solution to this is to open winecfg -> Graphics tab -> check Emulate a virtual desktop.

The installer gets stuck on “Checking admin rights…” if something newer than Windows XP is emulated. (Wine doesn’t handle UAC and admin checks properly yet – every program runs as admin even if Windows Vista/7/8/10 is emulated.) The solution to this is to open winecfg -> Applications tab -> set the Windows version to Windows XP globally (as the installer spawns other processes with mismatching Windows versions – this usually ends badly).