13- Hokan Monster Slayer – [DODI Repacks]

Title: Hokan: Monster Slayer
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Kinox Studios LLC
Publisher: Kinox Studios LLC
Release Date: 26 Jul, 2018 


Hokan: Monster Slayer is a first person shooter (FPS) monster arena with elements of action and stealth.

In this game, you are a young member of a clan of warriors and hunters who dedicate themselves to the protection the land and its inhabitants . And for the rite of passage to obtain the rank of Hokan “Elite Hunter”, you are sent to several missions which involve helping inhabitants from a recent threat of demons and monsters, rampaging the land and killing everything on their path.

You will need to use your stealth skills to create distractions, perform critical damage, and remain undetected for when the situation gets out of hand. The monsters are strong, fast, and very perceptive. You can buy elixirs to increment your skills but at the end, it will be your wits that keep you alive. Our hero’s patience and observation will be put to the test.

Goal of the Game

In this game we have an arcade style gameplay where the objective is to kill all the monsters in the level, if you get to reach the end or not, you will get your score based on monsters killed, accuracy, and critical hits performed. Its purpose is to show the basic mechanics of the game. It has three difficulty levels and while on the “casual” difficulty the game can be played as a straight shooter, the last one “intense”, will require more patience since stealth skills are a requirement.

Repack Feature 

Based on Hokan Monster Slayer-PLAZA release
Repack Size : 1.1 GB
Final Size : 3 GB
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